A Little Jewel


I stayed on a beach nearby with a couple of friends and watched and listened (the explosions are really loud) to the remnents of the Kraktoa volcano erupt all night.  It is just amazing to watch the earth remake itself out in the middle of the Sunda Strait.  I’d recommend the experience to anyone.  More pictures here

I thought we were done with all this

Terrorist bombs ended an all too brief 4 year period of peace and calm in Indonesia last week.  As I heard the news and rushed over, I felt a real heaviness in the pit of my stomach.  I thought that Indonesia’s intense and often successful campaign against terror groups had put an end to the yellow tape, mangled bodies and grief-stricken relatives; and the feeling of dread whenever a bus tire explodes.  Its a sharp reminder that as long as even one motivated and twisted person remains at large, these things are possible.  Please click here for more images.