Foto8 SummerShow


When I first saw the above image in my viewfinder, this painting immediately popped into my head:


That was what first popped into my head.  I think I saw that in an art class when I was a kid and thought it hilarious – guess it stuck with me.  If you are wondering why Gabrielle is tweaking her sister’s nipple circa 1595 you can turn to WTF Art History, which is where I turn for all of my art historical needs.  If you’re wondering why the monkey is tweaking the man’s nipple, thats a longer story with an ambiguous ending.   A print of the above monkey tweaking photograph will be available for sale among an assortment of fascinating, brilliant and inspiring imagery at the highly esteemed Foto8 Summershow at the HOST gallery in London.  If you really like the picture and cannot make it to the exhibition, you can always contact me to arrange a sale  🙂

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